The Cocktail Parties Right, The Cocktail Party Left  - Limerick School of Art  & Design



The Cocktail Party Effect is a phenomenon explaining the brains ability to focus one's auditory attention on a praticular stimulas (sound or noise) while filtering out a range of other stimuli.  An example would come from the names formation stemming from the ability to focus on one conversation in a noisy room full of people. This audio installation explores the ability to filter out coloured noise heard in everyday environments surrounding us. Using noises heard while focusing on common daily tasks such such as brushing teeth and boiling a kettle, the sounds are altered giving them rhythm while producing a tempo of 120 beats per minute.  Scientifically proven to be most pleasable to the average human ear, the new bpm and tempos produced manipulate the ear and draw attention to everyday sounds we tend to ignore and classify as background noise.

Visual documentation coinsiding with tasks  audio was taken from