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Sound Art & Exhibitions

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Circulations, Audio, Video & Drawings
Produced: Kathmandu, Nepal


19: A Data Melody, Audio Piece & Photo Series
Produced: Limerick, Ireland (2020)

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Abhainn, Audio Piece & Photo Series
Produced: Laois, Ireland (2021)


Shagai, Sound Installation
Produced: Skagaströnd Iceland (2019)


Hundslappadrífa, Sound Installation
Produced: Reykjavik, Iceland (2019)

See the Nine

See the Nine, Soundscape & Photo series
Produced: Giza, Egypt (2018)


They Made it the Location, Soundmap
Produced: Cairo, Egypt (2018)


11,993.4 KM, Installation and Soundscapes
Soundscapes Produced: Spain, Germany, Morocco
Installation Produced: Limerick (2018)

3,791 Km

Catalyst Audio Tracks, Soundscape
Exhibited: Belfast, Northern Ireland (2018)


A Punnet of Berries, Soundscape
Produced: Monte Carlo, Monaco (2018)

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