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They Made it the Location -
Cairo, Egypt (2018)

Video Piece: exhibited in The Loft, Limerick (2019)

They Made it the Location is a soundscape mapping a route travelled regularly by thousands of Egyptian men and women on foot during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. After the Friday prayer call, marking the first day of the weekend, men and women would take to the streets to make their way to the focal point of the revolution, Tahrir Square, in protest of their government.


Documentation: Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt (2018)

The route mapped in this piece is carefully choosen in responce to conversations had with Egyptian citizens, whilst in Cairo, seven years on from the revolution. The audio presented shows the development and changes faced by the city seven years on. 

lebanon to tahrir.jpg

Map of route audio was taken from 


6,372.1 Km, Photography series (2018)

6,372.1 Km is a series of visual documentation,  developed within the project. The series captures daily life in the suburbs and medina's of Egypt's capital, Cairo, seven years on from the beginning of the 2011 Revolution. This series shows the locations of suburban central points of the cities demonstrations, protests and marches in the settings of modern day, 2018. The collection vocalises the change experienced throughout a city over time after experiencing social unrest and desire for change. It documents locations presented through media outlets during coverage of the Egyptian Revolution and shows it in the context of life seven years on.


 6,422.3 Km, Photograph series (2018)
Picture Shown :Exhibited at  Suburbs,Loosen Art Gallery, Rome, Italy (2019)

The audio track and video has been showcased in Limerick, Ireland (2019)  and are set to be exhibited in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea (2020) while the prints have been showcased in Rome, Italy (2019) and are set to be exhibited in Dublin, Ireland (2020)

Link to Audio Track

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