19: A Data Melody -

Limerick, Ireland (2020)

Audio Snippet 19: A Data Melody

19: A Data Melody  is a sound piece translating the daily released case and death figures relating to Covid 19 in the Republic of Ireland. These figures are taken from Irelands first recorded death on the 11th of March to the reopening of Irish cafes and restaurants on the 1st of July. 

Visual documentation of Limerick city during the second national lockdown: 21st October 2020 - first December 2020

After the first Irish recorded COVID - 19 related death on the 11th of March 2020, the 15th of March 2020 saw the closure of over 7,400 pubs, in a bid to contain the spread of the COVID - 19 virus, leaving over 50,000 bar workers without jobs. In the following days and weeks restaurants , retail and creches followed suit in a bid to protect the health and safety of its employees and community. By mid March nearly 3% of the population (140,000 people) had lost employment in a bid to prevent the spread of the virus. The streets grew quieter as the virus spread.

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By the 27th of March 2,121 people had been infected by the virus with the lose of 22 lives. The government had announced more intense restrictions, in a bid to prevent spreading and protect the more vulnerable to the virus. People were told to stay at home, only to leave for grocery shopping and brisk exercise within a 2 Km radius of their homes. 

Visual documentation of Limerick city during the pandemic 

The following months saw the virus grow as people were encouraged to stay home. By the 1st of May 20,833 cases had been recorded in Ireland with 1,265 recorded deaths.  19: A Data Melody is a translation of the deaths and cases reported daily into musical notes. As the cases and deaths grew throughout the country the musical notes go down in octaves creating deeper notes. Each number is allocated a specific note demonstrating a musical representation of the COVID - 19 curve drawn up by figures in which the Irish  government wanted to flatten. 

The field recorded audio overlapping the notes were taken throughout Limerick city, midwest Ireland between the closure of the pubs and bars on the eve of Saint Patricks day and the reopening of restaurants and pubs serving food and alcohol on the 1st of July. As the timeline of case and death notes play audio taken within the same timeframe is heard giving an aural depiction of the impact COVID - 19 has played within society. 

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Visual documentation of Limerick city during the pandemic 

19: A Data melody is a project created with the help of funding awarded by the Irish Arts Council (2020). The work debuted a sample, exhibited  from the 21st - 28th of September, for the United Nations 75th General Assembly in a collaborating international group exhibition Global Conversation (2020). 

Visual documentation of Limerick city during the first national lockdown: 16th March 2020 - 1st July 2020