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This work stems from an exploration of links between identity, place, sound and medium. Throughout travels, audio recordings are collected, in conjunction with visual aids. These recordings expose the natural soundscapes of rural and densely populated areas. Through the form of soundscapes and audio pieces, this work unmasks the similarities and vast differences between communities and public noises across different communities.  Hidden within the array of noise are insights into cultural differences. Through layering, and texturising sounds, unique experiences are created.

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Lauren Bickerdike is a Limerick based multimedia artist from Laois, Ireland. She is a graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design where she focused on Sculpture and Combined Media and received a BA Honors Degree in Fine Art. She is currently studying her Masters in Arts Management and Creative Producing with University College Cork. Lauren has participated and collaborated in recent shows and events such as Towers & Tales, Lismore Castle (2023), The Wonderism Festival, Cork Opera House, Cork (2023), Open Art Show, Athens, Greece (2022), Sacred and Profane Geometries in Kathmandu, Nepal (2021), Works on Paper in Rathfarnham Castle in Dublin (2021) Distanced Domestic in MKII, London (2021),  Lasta Arts Festival for the Dunamaise Theatre in Laois, Ireland (2021),  Art As Message  in the CICA Museum, South Korea (2020), Global Conversations for the 75th United Nations General Assembly based in New York, United States of America (2020), Wall Cafe in the Rua Red Gallery, Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland (2020) and Suburbs in Rome, Italy under Loosen Art Contemporary Magazine and Gallery (2019).

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