This practise explores societies, and environments, through the context of location. This work stems primarily from audio recordings which are collected, in conjunction with visual aids, throughout travels. These recordings expose the natural soundscapes of rural and densely populated areas stemming across Europe and North Africa. Through the form of soundscapes and audio pieces, this work unmasks the similarities and vast differences of communities and public noises across different nations. These audio pieces question the representation and value imagery, and news content, has on our understanding of societies. Hidden within the array of noise are insights into cultural difference. Socioeconomic and religious factors can be detected. The effects of industrial noise and each societies adaption begin to become apparent. Through listening to the sounds, familiar to someone thousands of kilometres away, an experience is created that cannot be captured or reproduced by photography. 


Lauren Bickerdike is a Limerick based multimedia artist from Laois, Ireland. She is a graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design where she focused on Sculpture and Combined Media and received a BA honors degree in Fine Art. Lauren has participated and collaborated in shows such as Suburbs in Rome, Italy under Loosen Art Contemporary Magazine and Gallery (2019), Peak Show, Limerick, Ireland (2019), Hark! Cresson is 40, Grenobles, France (2019), Radio Papesse, Florence, Italy (2019), Catalyst Audio Tracks under Catalyst Art Gallery in Belfast, Ireland (2018), Chapel House, Limerick, Ireland (2017), in LSAD collaborating with LIT Music Technology, Limerick, Ireland (2017) and in the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin, Ireland (2016)

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