Hundslappadrífa - Skagaströnd, Iceland (2019)


Image of sculptural element of artwork

Hundslappadrífa is a sound based installation fusing live audio with field recordings. This piece focuses on the effects of the surging tourism in Iceland, looking into the manipulation and change of natural acoustics of landscapes and how it contributes to noise pollution.

Link to Audio Track

With a population of 330, 000 inhabitants, Iceland sees a growing number of over 6 times its population visit each year. With the heavy influx of tourism comes a physical change in the natural landscape through infrastructure. Barriers, paths and roads need to be expanded in order to accommodate the large number of people visiting Iceland’s waterfalls, geysers, volcanos and glaciers.

Documented images of Hundslappadrífa exhibited at Opið Hús, Nes, Skagaströnd, Iceland January  (2019)

This piece questions how this surge contributes to the change in Iceland’s natural soundscape. It consists of a changing balance of natural live acoustics, of ice melting, which are drowned out every 20 minutes by altered, overlapping frequencies, changing tempos and the sound of displaced human voices. 

Video snippet of Hundslappadrífa exhibited at Opið Hús, Nes, Skagaströnd, Iceland January  (2019)

Video snippet of installation,Skagaströnd, Iceland January (2019)