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 11,993.4 Km
  Limerick, Ireland (2018)

11,993.4 Km Exhibited in Flux, Limerick School of Art & Design, Limerick, Ireland  (2018)

11,993.4 Km is a sound based installation which explores and compares the acoustics of two of the wealthiest cities in Europe (Madrid, Spain and Hamburg, Germany) and two Moroccan cities in North Africa (Marrakech, Morocco and Essaouira, Morocco). Through the form of soundscapes these sound pieces expose the similarities and vast differences of public background noise across different continents. 


Map of Madrid city, Spain

While listening to the daily sounds, heard thousands of kilometres away, we are met with visual representations, of the distance between Limerick, Ireland and the country heard through the headphones, through the form of copper wire. This wire is a key tool in communication between these countries as it has been transporting and distributing information between these countries for decades.

Map of central Madrid, Spain (2018)

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