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Circulations (Parisan̄caraṇa)
Kathmandu, Nepal (2021)

Parisan̄caraṇa (Circulation) follows the Nepali community of Kathmandu. This project looks

at the city during its largest annual festival, Dashain. It focuses on the conflicting energies,

of sanctity and rituals, with the cities ongoing construction and industrial development.

Since the 2015 Earthquakes, Kathmandu has been left in an endless cycle of building and

industrial sprawl. As citizens fled to the capital, to start new lives after their homes and

towns were destroyed, the need for expansion grew more prevalent. Just as the cycle of

pujas, stupa circumambulation and annual festivals rotate so does the constant growth of

the city’s urban expansion. Through audio and video, this work focuses on the balance

between the harmonious living of the community and the continuous sounds of machinery

and motorised technology.

IMG_1907 copy.jpg

Visual Documentation: Bikalpa Art Centre, Lalitpur, Nepal

Images: Kathmandu, Nepal during Dashain Festival

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