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Abhainn -
Laois, Ireland (2021)

Video Promo Snippet: Abhainn (2021)

As population density grows and urbanisation spreads, the relationship between nature and industrialisation becomes more strenuous.


Abhainn is a soundscape that pinpoints the placement of rivers amongst modern societies. This piece follows the River Barrow, from its source up in the Slieve Bloom Mountains, through towns across Co. Laois. As the river grows, intersecting roads and built up areas, industrial noise starts to leak through.  

Still Documentation .jpg

Visual Documentation: Laois border  (2021)

​Abhainn focuses on the equilibrium between the river’s wildlife and manmade sound adaptations created through time. 

Slideshow: Documented Imagery 

Abhainn was produced in Laois, Ireland, and commissioned by the Dunamaise Theatre for Lasta Arts Festival, presented by the NASC network of venues as part of Brightening Air 

Audio Piece

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